Dr. Milind Rao

Dr Milind Rao was a visionary and a genius in the field of homeopathic education. He has trained thousands of Homeopathic doctors in India and abroad. His stern will to learn homeopathy and simplify its principals are a product of his genius.

“To understand a patient (a layman) and to prescribe correctly, you need to become a layman. You need to understand and perceive him as your friend. Your medical knowledge comes later. There are so many disparities in the practice of homeopathy because we have deviated from the basics of homeopathy, i.e. understand the Man in disease.” Dr Milind Rao

He took care of so many homeopathic doctors in a motherly way and convinced many homeopaths who had given up on homeopathy due to confused and complex methodologies and unconvincing clinical results. Dr Milind Rao always believed in team work and sharing. He nurtured many young talents and put them together as a team to work and grow together.

“The days of single genius are over” Dr. Milind Rao

He nourished so many homeopathic doctors in a motherly way and convinced many homeopaths who had given up hopes on homeopathy due to confused and complex methodologies and not convincing clinical results. By his simple teachings and replicable results in the clinics he could convince many Doctors to switch to homeopathy. He was very unorthodox in his medical practice and in his attitude towards life in general. He developed and incorporated many concepts like interpersonal relationships and psychodynamics to simplify the case taking. His genius way of case taking took him straight to the MAN in disease and shortened the process of long and tedious cases taking.

He produced excellent clinical results for complex disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, diabetes, cardiac pathologies and other incurable disorders. Moreover, he injected confidence in the newcomers and established doctors to follow the same way and produce the same results in their clinics. Transparency in his methods, his teachings, and loving, sharing and caring, openness of a scientific mind with humility characterised him, and it glued the students to him.

The confidence in his medical practice was tremendous. He practiced 15 years intensively with modern medicine. He mastered modern science and gathered a mountain of experience with human nature. In his seeking for the best method to treat the human malady he mastered all alternative means including the Chinese system, acupuncture, acupressure, ayurveda etc. He discovered that the excellence of modern medicine is only one-dimensional and other alternative methods have very limited effect on diseases. Only homeopathy can cure the majority of disorders and is the supreme science which treats rapidly, harmlessly and permanently.

“Homeopathy is the future of medicine”. Dr. Milind Rao

He is still and will remain fresh in the minds and hearts of thousands of homeopaths as a teacher, as a great doctor, as a master, a friend, a leader, a legend and as a mentor.