Ashok Anpat

MD (H.O.D.) Dept. of Repertory
Solapur, Maharshtra, India

During practice and while teaching I often came across rubrics from the ‘mind section’ of the homoeopathic repertory (ex. constipation aggravate). I could not understand their meaning. Often I wondered how and why a certain rubric was included in the repertory’s mind section. No one could answer my questions. The rubrics from other sections of the repertory could be explained but not the rubrics from the mind section.

It changed radically after joining HHF. I learned practically applicable case taking, i.e. adaptation, gesture, and the concern of the patient. The language of the vital force at the level of interpersonal relationships (domestic, professional, cultural, social, financial) brought me directly to the patient and made case taking very easy. HHF has boosted my confidence tremendously for my practice. The mind-rubrics are clearly explained by the members of HHF. I thank Dr. Vrushali for igniting confidence in me. Now, instead of aiming to somehow finish the syllabus, I am determined to teach the HHF method to the new generation of homoeopaths and students in college. We teach and learn practical homoeopathy - Hanemannian homoeopathy.

Thanks to Dr. Rao and HHF team.

Dr. Alok Kumar

BHMS, VLIR, Belgium
CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, India

I had been ardently seeking a prescribing method which made it easier, faster and aimed towards the perfect similimum, fully taking the person into the picture. This seeking has driven me since the beginning of my homeopathic career, to learn from place to place, from doctor to doctor. I feel very fortunate to have joined many great homeopaths in Europe, Canada and India. I got to know how homeopathy is being practiced in Europe by practicing there for five years. I could follow very closely and apply in my clinical practice, the methods of famous doctors from across the American continent through their classroom lectures, webinars, books and DVD courses. I learned a lot from all of them. I feel in the search of genuine homeopathy, the prescribing techniques grew only gradually within me, but not until recently...

In February 2013, I joined HHF, a group of homeopathic doctors who will never grow old in their zeal and love for homoeopathy. In the beginning, I was very skeptical to join the group. Although the first seminar with HHF appeared very charming to me, I wanted to make sure that this group is not like some other groups who are destroying homeopathy by charming and novelizing homeopathy and filling their pockets.

I must say, after trying their methodology (which revolves around the patient’s interpersonal relationship) for more than a year, I find them genuine and homeopathic. This method proves to be the fastest, easily applicable with fantastic curative results. They do what they promise!!! They are not into marketing stuff!! Above all, it is the simplest way to hit the right similimum. My journey to search the best prescribing method has found rest with HHF.

Dr. Padmapriya Nair

Fareham, United Kingdom

Destiny led me to the doorsteps of Dr. Rao’s clinic. Although reluctant to imbibe his methods during the initial days, I was transfixed by the knowledge, skills, passion and the hardworking of my humble mentor Dr. Milind Rao. He is totally dedicated to homeopathy, working long hours and engaged in constant study and teaching from his personal experiences.

Dr. Rao made me pragmatic. He taught me to focus on my strength, encouraged me into analytical thinking, take chances and step out of my comfort zone thereby instilling confidence in me. I am greatly enriched from his tutelage and inspiration. Dr. Rao and the whole team of his organization inculcate a positive outlook which fosters confidence, certainty and commitment into each student who join them. HHF holds an extraordinary ability to give support anytime and every time. Each and every member here is always excited to share.

HHF is growing by leaps and bounds because they believe that keeping knowledge is against growth and sharing is the fuel to your growth engine. All here follows Rao sir’s dictum - it is good to rub and polish your brain against that of others.

I count myself fortunate to be a member of HHF.

Dr. Vrushali Kalsulkar Sakhardande

Glasgow, Scotland

Says Abraham Lincoln: “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel Mother.” For me this angel is HHF. HHF is a home for me, where I grew from being a toddler to a self-employed, proud and successful homoeopathic practitioner. I have grown so much thanks to the assiduous efforts of the sculpting cavalier Dr. Milind Rao Sir, head of this ardently working organization. HHF has been a very important role model in my life. HHF works extremely hard, both in the foreground and background, organizing workshops and seminars and publishing books.

Those who are bestowed with this gift don’t quite feel it but those who are deprived of this gift feel it from the core of their hearts. I am one of those lucky thousand gifted HHF students.

My sincere gratitude and appreciation to HHF family who has been a very important role model in my life.

Dr. Ankush Chopra and Jyotsana chopra

Hoshiarpur ,Punjab, India

Homeopathy was like a big jigsaw puzzle for both of us until we met HHF. We have tried each and every known method to learn, but still doubts hindered our growth. We are full of theories and devoid of any practically applicable data. Luckily, last June we were introduced to the HHF team and Bingo!!! Everything changed. We got so much practical learning that remedies became very visible in our clinic. It has made a huge difference in our practice and the understanding of medicines, in such a small period of time. The one who still thinks that he knows homoeopathy, please try HHF. Your perspective as a homoeopath is most likely to change! HHF is very approachable. The senior members are very helpful, down to earth, and ready to help when in need ... without drama.

Dr. Neeraj S. Wakhare

Buldana, Mahrashtra, India

Dr. Milind Rao and the HHF team ... just awesome!

I have been practicing pure homoeopathy for 9 years following various methods. Only two years ago, I started learning this unique and simple method (interpersonal relationship) by Dr. Rao. The seminars organized by HHF mesmerized me. I couldn’t believe their interpretation of rubrics. Just superbbb!!

I learnt how to understand the meaning and interpretation of rubrics. Their metaphorical meaning and the psychodynamics behind every symptom is very logical and clinically applicable.

HHF gives pure, practical, clinically applicable knowledge. I can see a great change in my practice. HHF not brought change in my practice but also change in me as a person. HHF taught me how to live my life.

Just learn and apply it directly in your clinic and get amazing results!!!

I wish the best of luck to Dr. Rao sir and his team.


Dr. Mrugesh Shah

Nashik, Maharshtra, India

I am Dr. Mrugesh Shah, truly practicing homoeopathy thanks to HHF.

I still recall my first HHF seminar in Nasik in 2011. It is still fresh in my mind, and it will be there for eternity. HHF principles are very easy to understand and apply clinically. The principles enable us to reach the similimum within a few minutes. The backbone of HHF are Dr. Milind Rao and the knights of HHF, Dr. Krishnakumar Dinde, Dr. Mayuresh Mahajan, as well as the senior stalwarts Dr. Ashok Mohanty and Dr. Narendra Gupta. They are our sources and are always ready to solve our doubts and help us grow. Every remedy taught brought a new aspect in my growth and practice. Many of my patients got cured after understanding HHF’s view. HHF books are a light in today's dark world. Another great resource is our troop leader Dr. Vrushali, who has been helping us and directing us whenever we have any obstacle in our practice. I owe a phenomenal change in my practice to HHF, the HHF books, seminars and CTPs. HHF members are always ready to share their cases, including cases in which they failed, to learn more. Because TOGETHER WE GROW.

I am really thankful to the HHF family and feel proud to be a part of it.

Dr. Nazrana Shaikh

PG Homeopathy student

I would like to take this golden opportunity to comment on the excellent knowledge and attention I received from HHF.

HHF has gone above and beyond my expectations. Within our group, there is a positive learning environment with an amazing dynamism. I love the interactive learning process and the chance to learn from one another. All masters are truly inspiring teachers. Their generosity and passion really shines through their knowledge. I thank them so much for their knowledge, kindness, presence, guidance, support and generosity.

Dr. Pallavi Chaturvedi

Mumbai, India

I joined HHF in the fourth year of B.H.M.S., a time when I had learnt Homoeopathy from my text books. Even after graduating, I was still not able to understand how actually practice homoepathy. My desperate search ended upon meeting Dr. Rao in 2006. HHF taught me more than just homoeopathy. I learnt the various dimensions of the human psyche and I became a more confident, calm, patient and optimistic person.

Being in HHF is the most fortunate part of my life because every member here only encourages, inspires and supports one another to grow in life. I don't see seniors or juniors here, we are all equals who help each other to evolve as better human beings, along with being a better Homoeopath.

Must say, HHF is the future of Homoeopathy!!!!

Dr. Ahmed Raza

Akola, Maharshtra, India

I finished my BHMS in 2013 and as any new comer started attending various seminars and schools to get profound knowledge of the science of Homoeopathy. But my search was frustrating and did not result in anything substantial. I switched to a course of allopathy, but was not satisfied with the practice of the system.

My search to learn homoeopathy ended when Dr. Milind Rao president HHF gave a seminar in my home town. The lectures given by Dr. Rao changed my perception of homoeopathy. With childlike enthusiasm, I asked Dr. Rao for further guidance and with a tight embrace he welcomed me with open arms. Thus my unending journey in homoeopathy started and will continue forever under the pristine guidance of Dr. Rao.

Sneha Patil

Mumbai, India

Meeting HHF and Dr. Milind Rao has been the most enchanting event in my life. I can say this so frankly because in my career there has not been a single time when any of the teachers of HHF have been inaccessible to any new comer.

The knowledge that is imparted on all the students of HHF is just so simple and easily understood. Even the silliest of questions are answered with patience. It feels like getting a much needed boon after rigorous penance.

Thank you HHF for giving me this much needed push to my life and career.

Subodh Patil

I finished my BHMS in 2013 and aimed to follow the system of homoeopathy as a better form of medicine. My first tryst with HHF came at a seminar in Jalgaon. What I witnessed was amazing: how can a harrowing science like homoeopathy be so easy and understandable? I was sincerely surprised and had an irresistible desire to join HHF in Thane, which I did. Finally, my clinical experience started. At Dr. Rao’s clinic we are encouraged to take cases. Dr. Rao helps us to decipher our understanding and tells us where we have faltered.

My story is a story of transformation - with a happy ending.

Shrutika Lolayekar

Mumbai, India

INTENSE AND GENUINE ARE THE WORDS THAT I CAN ATTRIBUTE TO HHF.These the attributes for Homoeopathy that this institution follows. I had just finished my BHMS and as any novice was searching for guidance to gain a healthy interest in homoeopathy. That I got the contact of Dr.MILIND RAO the president of HHF through Dr.Vrushali Sakhardande. Thus to my dismay I found Dr. RAO and the atmosphere at HHF very homeopathically driven by sole passion to reboot the life and practice of every homoeopathy. Thus from that day till today my life has been blessed by the true essence of homoeopthy by HHF and I assure even yours will after joining.

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